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Body Ecology Probiotic Protein Shake & Antioxidant | Australia

Body Ecology Probiotic Protein Shake & Antioxidant | Australia

Protein Shake of Body Ecology that's Organic, Fermented, no sugar added, Gluten Free, Non GMO and stock in Australia rady for fast shipping.  THis 5 powerful blends, providing a complete and bioavailable vegan protein, dark green veggies and essential fatty acids, fibre, and sea minerals. Living up to our promise to provide you with the very best, we enhanced our shake with a highly survivable, probiotic blend of beneficial Bacillus bacteria.

We are certain you won't find a better-tasting or better for you shake anywhere!

Good news - if you are taking this daily, you do NOT need to take an additional probiotic! It's all in one drink.

Suggested Use: Mix one level scoop (25g) with 250g-300g of water or other liquid, hot or cold.

Featuring these power-packed blends:

Organic Fermented Pea Protein, Organic Rice Protein - Loaded with bioavailable, high-potency, plant-based protein for maximum absorption.

Algae Trace Minerals, Sunflower Oil Powder - A power source of vegan sea minerals and non-GMO sunflower oil powder provides nutrients to support thyroid health, glucose regulation, appetite control, and healthy cholesterol levels.

Jerusalem Artichoke, Fenujac Gum Blend - A unique, nutrient-dense blend formulated by Body Ecology for enhanced bioavailability and alkalinity.

Probiotic Blend - Highly resilient, beneficial Bacillus bacteria to support a healthy gut and healthy immune response.

Complete proteins are so important because they help provide structure for the body’s cells, organs, bones, muscles, and connective tissue. The right protein can help:

  • It may help jumpstart your metabolism
  • Support and encourage muscle growth
  • Promote higher energy levels
  • Support healthier organs, skin, and hair
  • Slow down the aging process
  • May promote restful sleep

Probiotics are needed for healthy gut function which in turn becomes the cornerstone and foundation of strong immunity and a healthy body. The type of bacillus bacteria in Just Thrive® may help:

  • Seal leaky gut in 30 days
  • Promote optimal health 
  • Reprogram the gut to burn fat
  • Support the body to maintain its ideal weight naturally
  • Support immunity

The importance of high-quality protein

How’s your current shake holding up to your expectations? Are you experiencing gas and bloating or feeling like it’s not as effective as you had hoped? Unfortunately, this is more common than not when comparing other shakes on the market.

Not with our Probiotic Protein Shake, though.

It’s time you experienced the difference a superior protein can make for your body.

Our shake is entirely plant-based and contains 15 grams of pea and rice protein per serving. This plant protein is broken down and easy to digest, which takes the strain off your digestive tract and makes it nearly effortless for your body to use. 

While the nutrients in other shakes might pass right through your body due to lack of absorption, ours yields maximum absorption and bioavailability, giving your body the resources it needs to heal and thrive.

Additionally, the combination of easily digestible pea and rice protein provides a complete protein, aka, a complete amino acid profile.

Serving Size: 1 level scoop (25g)

Servings per container: 21


Give this Probiotic Protein Shake a try today!

Body Ecology

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