Green Pasture Australia Collection

Green Pasture,based in Nebraska USA, was started by Dave and Barbera Wentz over 25 years ago. Their products handcrafted products are now available in Australia by our company, Nourishing Ecology. We ship same day (orders received by 2.00pm Eastern Australian Time) with Australia Express Post Shipping.

Nourishing Ecology's owners and staff are inspired by Daves research, understanding and meticulous manufacturing and testing which was inspired by the research and work of Dr Weston A. Price. They started making small boutique batches of raw Fermented Cod Liver Oil and their company grew over time as the demand increased worldwide.

According to the research, Dr Price always gave Cod Liver Oil with Butter Oil, extracted by centrifuge from good quality spring or fall butter. He found that Cod Liver Oil on its own was relatively ineffective but combined with organic Butter Oil produced excellent results. 

To make the product better they added butter oil made from milk from cows raised on healthy sustained pasture.  

They then added this concentrated butter oil directly to the Fermented Cod Liver Oil and this product became is known as  Blue Ice Royal Blend.  The name has recently changed to Fermented Cod Liver Oil and concentrated Butter Oil. These products are available in either liquid, gel or capsule form. 

They also produce Fermented Skate Liver Oil.




Green Pasture is committed to recognising and implementing conservative environmental approaches whenever possible.  In that effort they offer Marine Stewardship Council certified sustainable products, showing ocean to bottle traceability, and follow the recommendations of the Monterey Bay Aquarium Seafood Watch program.

MSC Certified Sustainable Seafood                       Monterey Bay Aquarium Seafood Watch                         MSC-C-55178