Fermented Cod Liver Oil Liquids with Syringe Instructions

Cod Liver Oil Liquid is easy to take if you use the provided syringe that is included with every bottle of liquid .  You will need to fill the syringe with the amount desired and then place in your mouth. 

Best time to take the oil is during your first meal of the day. 

Here are the detailed instructions:

  1. Attain a bottle of Fermented Cod Liver Oil Liquid with syringe dispenser
  2. Separate the attached syringe from the bottle
  3. Sanitise syringe with boiling water
  4. Practise with syringe dispenser with water to see how it works. Put water in a glass, place syringe in the glass near the top of the surface and then pull back on the syringe. You should be able to pull the water into the syringe. Empty the water out of the syringe.
  5. Now we are ready to try with your bottle of cod liver oil.
  6. Ensure the syringe is in a sealed position (pushed all the way in) prior to placing in the cod liver oil bottle.
  7. On a solid surface, hold the bottle in one hand and with your other hand, insert the syringe into the bottle's top hole. Ensure that you have inserted the syringe into the bottle with enough force that it will not leak when the bottle is turned upside down.
  8. Then turn the Cod Liver Oil bottle upside down with the syringe measurer inserted in the bottle
  9. Ensure the syringe is sealed/tightly fitted into the bottle top and then pull the amount desired into the syringe.
  10. Turn Cod Liver Oil bottle right side up
  11. Remove the syringe from the bottle
  12. Then place the syringe in your mouth 
  13. Push the syringe injector down whilst in your mouth (you can aim at the back of your mouth or just gently dispense it in your mouth)
  14. Remove the dispenser from your mouth
  15. Continue eating your meal
  16. Note: If you do this in the middle of eating you will hardly notice the taste.