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Who is Weston A Price?

NOTE: The Nourishing Ecology business was founded while using and reading, researching and understanding Weston A Price's observations.  

This video of Dr. Weston Price in 1936 answers some questions that have been unanswered till watching this video.  It provides a likely possibility of "why" so many of us are sick and think it is normal, however you need to make up your own mind and do your own research.


When you have watched the YouTube video above you may be interested to know that a foundation was started to continue the understanding of this ground breaking rediscovering of our very human eating patterns.  This foundation is not owned by any company or sponsored by any companies.  It relies on membership subscription only and has a conference every year in the USA. Please click the link below if you would like any further information.  The following video does a great job of showing the basics of what this foundation is about.


Weston A Price Foundation - Educational Television

The founders of Nourishing Ecology.com this site attended the most recent conference in the USA In November 2010

http://www.westonaprice.org/2010-conference-navigation.html  (If you like details)

The conference was attended by 1500 (approximate) people from all walks of life. It was great to see Doctors and Dentists and Natural Health professionals from around the world attend the conference.  Please refer to the conference program for details of speakers and qualifications.


Some of the logistics of the conference that we found amazing was that they had 4 streams of lectures running at the same time. 


(Health, farming, medical and other)  The lecture series from Natasha McBryde of the GAPS camp showed all participants some new thoughts on this subject.   The discussion and knowledge of Natasha was amazing.  She has an incredible depth of knowledge on all things related to the GAPS Syndrome.

Sally Fallon and the team at Weston A Price Foundation should be proud of such a well run function that has allowed thousands of people to gain a better understanding of what is good health and the steps necessary to achieve this for ourselves and families.

Please consider attending next years Weston A Price conference that will be in Texas. More details will be entered here at at later date.

Please contact us to discuss anything related to Weston A Price.