Duplicate -Shipping Details ( Spend $110 for Free Shipping get Express Post

  1. Free Shipping - if you buy more than $150.00 in our store.
  2. Free Upgrade to Express Post shipping (from economy shipping) if you buy less than $150 .
  3. We upgrade all of our paid shipping orders to Express Post to make it arrive faster for you.)
  4. Each item is carefully wrapped in bubble wrap to minimise the chance of damage when needed.
  5. We personally hand deliver our parcels to the Australia Post Office and wait in the queue and have them scanned in front of our eyes.
  6. This personal service gives your parcel the best chance of a making it in the fastest time to delivery and the least amount of time your product spends inside in transit or hold pattern determined to get to your place to help you on your journey.
  7. Australia Post delivers our parcels exclusively.
  8. Shipping of the products on this web site are sorted by price not weight.
  9. If you are worried please call 0404 561880 for questions.
  10. We use "Express Post Shipping" for our orders.
  11. We do our best for same day dispatch.
  12. You will receive a tracking number when the order is fulfilled.
  13. You will receive notice at the post office drop off.
  14. You will receive notice when it will be likely delivered.
  15. You will receive notice that it is delivered.
  16. Most parcels delivered to major cities or distribution hubs make it the next day including Perth.
  17. If you live in a country area then you will know Australia Post and it's habits.
  18. We ship from Sunshine Coast, Queensland Australia and have found that all major centres receive mail the next day, subject to Australia Post busy periods.
  19. Please email us at info@nourishingecology.com.au or ring us on 0404 56 1880 with any questions queries or issues.
  20. We service all Australian states. Qld, NSW, Vic, NT, WAS, SA, ACT
  21. Sorry, no overseas orders due to complexity of quarantine laws in other countries and return issues if a refund needed

Thanks for shopping with us.

Edie  (short for "Edythe")

Mobile - 0404561880

email - edie@nourishingecology.com.au

  Large Orders

If you are interested in placing a large order, please email us so we can work out the logistics  

Shipping Method

We utilise Australia Post in an attempt to assure you the fastest delivery. Australia Post. They have stopped guaranteeing Next Day delivery by Express Post.  It is still definitely fast and quick. 

In the 14 years that we have utilized this service we have never lost a parcel with the vast majority delivered the next day except in regional areas where it can take two - 5 days.  It is mainly incorrect addressing that has caused us heart ache.

Shipping Timing

Where possible, we ship same day or the next day (barring holidays).  One of our team members personally hand delivers the parcels to the local Australia Post Express Post Business Centre each business day.  Most parcels arrive the next day if you paid for Express Post Delivery and are located in a major metropolitan area.    If you require any further details please refer to Australia Post website. Customers have been thrilled with our prompt service!!

Lost item Process

If you have an item that has not arrived in a reasonable time, please check the Australia Post Tracking number on your email or phone from us and/or Australia Post.  If that fails, please contact us so we can work with you on locating this parcel.  Please avoid ringing outside of Business Hours and if possible send us an email.  Like we said above, we have lost no parcels due to the fault of Australia Post.   0404561880

Broken Item Process to follow

Our suggestion for making this problem go away as quick as we can for all of us in the rare event you receive an item that is broken or damaged in your parcel. Can you please:

  1. Take a photo of the broken item with your camera.
  2. Email these photos to us ASAP so we can establish what happened and why (so we do not repeat this annoyance for us all) and we will arrange for a new item to be sent to you ASAP and usually that day we receive the email if it fits the criteria of damaged in transit.
  3. We check our emails at most times and will commence remedying the problem
  4. We need the photo so we can make a claim against Australia Post.
  5. We will most likely ring you to make sure you are okay and you know we will take care of this for you.
  6. The replacement dispatch will be prepared and dispatched in that same day post if we can make it.
  7. This replacement may come with an extra bag and we may ask that you return it to us so we can present it to the Australia Post team in an attempt for us to seek costs from Australia Post.




  • SHIPPING Information for Nourishing Ecology Australia -  BACKGROUND
  • If you don't like reading please ring 0404 561 880 with questions(during business hours please)
  • It seems some people love details and lots of them and hence we are going to try and give you lots of it.
  • We are a small business of husband and wife, based in Qld Australia.
  • We care about you as our customer of Nourishing Ecology. 
  • We only sell products we use and appreciate those that need these as well.
  • We want you to come back and buy more from us over the years and we would love you to be a happy, content, repeat customer. 
  • We hope if you are stoked with our service, you will return.
  • If what you want is listed on the internet, then we have it in stock.
  • We have customers that have been with us for the 14 plus years.
  • If you want to buy in bulk please give us a call.
  • To keep you satisfied, we need to do our best to get that order to you ASAP and below we will detail a few of those extra steps we take in the details below.
  • We aim to have your order delivered to you the next business day! (if we can) and yes it happens if you live in a major city or metropolitan area serviced by Australia Post (and they can do it) . (This is possible in the current world with the amazing Supply chain logistics used to service all areas of Australia. (Obviously if you live in far away places or blackspots of Australia Post this will be known by you and for us it is in the hands of Australia Post))
  • We are still amazed that when we receive an order at 10am from a customer that day and we fulfill it and the next morning it is often delivered to our customer in WA Perth, Wow, wow, wow!  Even if we hand delivered it , we could not do better.
  • We strive to do our part in expediting your parcel by being as as fast on our end of the supply issue as we know how in order to deliver your order to you ASAP.