Cure tooth decay in children from author Ramiel Nagel and how to do it

Can you Stop cavities? Ramiel Nagel | Author - Cure Tooth decay

Cure Tooth Decay by Ramiel Nagel shows how to remineralise cavaities and repair your teeth naturally with good Food.  Buy Cod Liver Oil recommended by this book iin Austalia from Nourishing Ecology today from Nourishing Ecology e-Store and have Austali Post Express Post shipping deliver it fast to your door.
Can you stop cavities in teeth?
Yes, according to Ramiel Nagel Author of Cure Tooth Decay! 
Can your teeth remineralize? 
Yes and they can repair naturally by modifying the diet as detailed in the book  Cure Tooth Decay TM. 
How much Vitamin A in a teaspoon of Cod Liver Oil?
One teaspoon of cod liver oil has as much vitamin A as five litres of good raw milk, as much vitamin A as half a kilo of the best cream and butter and as much vitamin A as 9 good eggs.
Did a study in New Zealand involving school girls and cod liver oil from Weston Price's book Nutrition and Physical Degeneration show the potential for tooth decay fighting of cod liver oil?
Yes it did and "In a group of sixty-six native girls the thirty-three with the best teeth were used as a control group. The remaining thirty-three were given the additional fat-soluble vitamins. In six months' time, the resistance of this group was raised by 41.75 percent as compared with the control group." 
Two teaspoons of cod liver oil is all it took.
How potent is today's Green Pastures fermented cod liver oil?
It may be more potent than the cod liver oil of the past. So one teaspoon per day may suffice.
Note: If you are interested in further reading, try Ramiel’s book, Cure Tooth Decay – Remineralize Cavities and Repair Your Teeth Naturally with Good Food.
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