Gum Disease can it be stopped? Article from Dr Danenburg explaining why modern humans suffer cavities whilst primitive man did not!

Gum Disease - can it be stopped? Dr. Al Danenberg DDS

You Can Stop Gum Disease?

According to  Alvin H. Danenberg, DDS from a Practice Limited to Periodontics you can!

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First, think about this question: If there were a species whose only means of getting nutrition was chewing food, and if this species had rampant tooth and gum disease causing the loss of those precious teeth, what would happen to that species over thousands of years of evolution?

The answer: This species would die off because it couldn’t survive over time.

Now consider this fact: Primitive man and woman from Paleolithic and Mesolithic periods rarely had gum disease or tooth decay. Why is that?

Let’s step back and consider animals in the wild. They don’t develop dental decay or gum disease or degenerative diseases like modern-day humans, and they don’t get fat like modern-day humans, either. They may lose a tooth in combat, and they do gain weight intentionally to prepare for the cold, winter months or hibernation, but they use this storage naturally and lose it naturally. They eat food in the wild when their bodies tell them they are hungry, and they stop eating when their bodies tell them they are full. But get this: when chimpanzees and other wild animals are raised in captivity, they do have dental problems; they do get fat; and they do develop chronic degenerative diseases if they are not fed their natural diets.

The differences between wild animals and us are that there are no fast foods or sugary drinks or frozen dinners with a gazillion additives and preservatives in the wild. Wild animals don’t eat meat that has been artificially fattened with hormones and antibiotics. And they don’t eat genetically modified foods that have never been tested for long-term effects on their bodies. Wild animals eat what their bodies have been designed to eat for thousands of years. In contrast, we eat what has been processed, refined, hybridized, and genetically modified over the last several decades. Our bodies are rebelling.

Primitive man and woman were hunters and gatherers. They ate the foods that their environments provided for them. They did not eat the processed, refined, hybridized, and genetically modified “foods” we stuff into our bodies every day.

Today, over 95% of all gum disease and tooth decay are caused by harmful bacteria in our mouths. And harmful bacteria in our mouths are created by harmful bacteria in our gut. And harmful bacteria in our gut are increased by certain foods we eat – specifically dense carbohydrates and refined sugars – those highly processed, refined, hybridized, and genetically modified “foods” of modern-day lifestyles.

Current medical evidence suggests that many modern-day diseases, including gum disease may have their root cause of the unhealthy bacteria in our gut. If we can transform the harmful bacteria in our gut into friendly bacteria, then many of our modern-day diseases might be significantly reduced or eliminated altogether.

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