Body Ecology - Passionfruit Biotic Drink - Probiotic Concentrate - 25 Servings per bottle

Body Ecology - Passionfruit Biotic Drink - Probiotic Concentrate - 25 Servings per bottle

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 Introducing the NEW Sweet Tasting, Gluten-Free & Super-Healthy Probiotic Liquid Even Kids Will Love!

Body Ecology's Passion Fruit Biotic is certainly not just for is for everyone who wants an exceptionally healthy probiotic liquid that includes four strains of powerful probiotics AND an absolutely delicious taste. But let's start with an important question for parents and those who care for kids:
One of the most frequent questions we get is - "How do I get my kids to eat healthy?"
The truth is, it's not that easy today, is it? Everywhere your kids go, they are surrounded by candy, soda and processed foods. Schools reward kids with sugary sweets and you never know what your kids are eating at other children's houses.
Body Ecology has a special interest in the health of your children. They know that when it comes to raising happy, healthy children, good digestive health is critical.
You may have also heard that the number one determining factor of longevity and quality of health is fetal nutrition (this means what mom is eating while pregnant is critical).
Many parents are looking for solutions to transition kids to a healthier way of eating, so that they can recover from childhood disorders, like autism, eczema, ADHD and asthma.
But how do you switch from ice cream, soda, mac and cheese and candy bars to vegetables, quinoa and probiotic liquids?
We've had thousands of success stories when people DO transition to the Body Ecology program and we admire the many clever ways that parents have gotten their kids (or maybe a reluctant spouse!) to eat healthy.
However, we are also committed to finding more solutions to make the transition to a healthy diet much easier.
Lakanto, the all-natural sugar substitute that tastes and bakes just like sugar was a leap forward in giving parents more choices for healthy treats.
And now, we have another delicious, healthy solution: Passion Fruit Biotic!
After the tremendous success that parents had with Coco-Biotic, there was one initial drawback: it needed to be "doctored up" a bit to make it taste sweeter for those new to healthy eating. Over time, it wasn't an issue, but we all know the challenge of transitioning to eating healthy - that time period before we adapt to the natural sweetness of foods.
The sour taste of fermented foods and drinks can take some getting used to...but Passion Fruit Biotic brings a whole new taste experience to drinking healthy probiotic liquids. Now, with Passion Fruit Biotic, you get a delicious sweet and sour taste right from the bottle!
Research shows that kids love the taste of both sweet and sour together.
With Passion Fruit Biotic, you now have a fast, easy solution to provide the tasty benefits of probiotic liquids without having to mix anything else in.
Passion Fruit - Delicately Sweet, Delightfully Aromatic
A longtime favorite in the tropics, passion fruit is a small purple egg-shaped fruit that is loved for its aromatic and delicately sweet flavor.
An excellent source of vitamin C, vitamin A and potassium, passion fruit has been used in traditional rainforest medicine as a heart tonic, digestive stimulant, a mild diuretic for the treatment of urinary tract infections, bronchitis, asthma and whooping cough.
If you are healing from candida or have an imbalanced inner ecosystem, only certain very sour, acid fruits are recommended. Passion fruit is a sour, acid fruit, which is harvested from the nutrient-rich, organic soil of Australia and New Zealand.
Better Than Juice, Better Than Soda, Better Than Those So-Called-Energy Drinks
What you get in Passion Fruit Biotic, is a delicately sweet and bubbly drink that tastes like a sweeter version of pink grapefruit juice.
You can replace soda, juice and so-called energy drinks with confidence because probiotic-rich Passion Fruit Biotic is packed with health benefits that contribute to:
  • Better digestion
  • Stronger immunity
  • A healthy inner-ecosystem
  • Youthful skin
Passion Fruit Biotic is a gluten-free, dairy-free, soy-free drink that has all the best probiotics you've come to depend on in the Body Ecology line of fermented foods and drinks:
  • Lactobacillus acidophilus
  • Lactobacillus delbreukii
  • Saccharomyces boulardii
  • Saccharomyces cerevisiae
With combined expertise in the best solutions for building a healthy inner ecosystem and boosting beneficial microflora, Body Ecology and partner, Grainfield's in Australia, offer you super potent probiotic liquids like Passion Fruit Biotic with a superior blend of probiotics that are:
  • Able to survive harsh stomach acids to reach the walls of your intestines and recolonize it more effectively
  • Natural to the human GI tract
  • Compatible with each other
This is much more important than the many probiotic supplements on the market today that dazzle you with large numbers of colony-forming units (CFUs). These supplements do not have the ability to colonize the way our products do.
Did you know that when you wake up in the morning, your body is tired, dehydrated and acidic? No wonder people want to reach for caffeine for energy. However, instead of creating a more acidic condition with coffee or energy drinks, here's a better routine for starting your day the healthy way:
  • Drink two glasses of water upon arising.
  • Follow this with two ounces of Passion Fruit Biotic (tip: For most people, Passion Fruit Biotic is perfectly sweet right from the bottle, however, if you are used to really sweet foods, you may want to sweeten with a drop or two of Stevia at first).
In the morning, your body is in a contractive state (tight and constricted), so the sweet (expansive) taste of Passion Fruit Biotic is the perfect way to open, relax and energize yourself.
Leave a Legacy of Good Health!
When you drink Passion Fruit Biotic and share it with your family, friends and community, you are leaving a legacy of good health:
  • Drink it yourself to boost your health and immunity or prepare for a healthy birth.
  • Introduce your baby or your kids to the sour taste of fermented foods, but with a sweet and delicious taste they'll love.
  • Help a loved one transition to a healthier diet.
  • Substitute it for soda or energy drinks to create true lasting energy.
  • Send your kids to daycare or school with a yummy drink that can also help ward off cold and flu season.
  • Start your morning right.
If you are passionate about feeling your best, just two ounces of Passion Fruit Biotic will make great healthy TASTE as good as it feels.
"Wonderful Product. I drink this most everyday. Love it's fresh flavor and it helps when my blood sugar gets out of balance." Donna
"Can’t find coconuts to make young coconut kefir? Want something faster and more convenient? If you want to introduce your kids to fermented foods and drinks, Passion Fruit Biotic is an easy (and delicious!) way to do it. Full of probiotics that help heal digestion, boost immunity, eliminate cravings for processed foods and improve energy, Passion Fruit Biotic is the best." David
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