Body Ecology - Assist Full Spectrum Enzymes - High Potency Enzyme Formula from Body Ecology
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Body Ecology - Assist Full Spectrum Enzymes - High Potency Enzyme Formula from Body Ecology

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Body Ecology has produced  Assist Full Enzymes that are fast acting, powerful, high potency enzyme formula. It is especially formulated to provide the widest range of useful digestive enzymes to help break down food, absorb nutrients and prevent gas and bloating.

Some food groups need several types of enzymes to become fully digested and to allow all the nutrients to be available for assimilation. 

Five different types of Protease are included to assure digestion of proteins over the entire pH range from 2.0 to 11.0, as found in the stomach and small intestine. Other formulas may only include one or two types of Protease.
Assist is one of the most complete and powerful digestive enzymes available!

"Best Enzymes I can Find. It is difficult to find an enzyme capsule with so many different types, with enough of each kind." Dawn

"Wonderful! I was really struggling with Candida when I came across these, I really hoped they would work for me as I worked through a really hard time. This was the sickest I had been in a long time. These worked fantastic, definitely reordering!" Jill

"Best Gut Support .I've been taking Assist Full Spectrum for the past 5 years. It was instrumental in helping me heal my gut after mega doses of antibiotics for double pneumonia. Even with probiotics, my gut lining was so challenged, I could only eat a handful of foods. But after adding Assist, I not only increased what I could eat, but began eating beef for the first time in 25 years. Awesome for gut health." Janice


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