Body Ecology - Assist Dairy and Protein (Capsules) Australia


Get the most from what you eat. Assist Dairy and Protein maximizes your absorption of
the protein you eat, minimizing waste or toxicity.

Now you can enjoy dairy foods again! You can enjoy the benefits of milk kefir without the
side effects of the casein.
Strong digestive fire is key to optimal wellness. Yet certain proteins are often difficult to
ASSIST Dairy and Protein was designed to aid in the digestion of proteins from:
Animal Foods: This proprietary blend of Protease Enzymes plus significant amounts of
HCl and Pepsin enhance digestion of meats, fish, poultry and eggs.
Dairy Foods: Fermenting milk into kefir and yogurt enhances digestion since the milk
sugar, lactase, is broken down and consumed by the beneficial microflora. Dairy proteins
and fats are also pre-digested, yet many people still need additional support. High
amounts of the protease enzyme DPP-IV supports the optimal cleaving of casein and its
exorphin peptide, casomorphin.
Nuts, Seeds and Legumes: These ideally should be soaked before eating to release
their enzyme inhibitors.   ASSIST Dairy and Protein supports the digestion and absorption
of the proteins contained in these nutritious foods and for all other vegetable-source
protein containing foods.   
One months supply, 120 vegetarian capsules

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