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Ancestral Nutrition PRIMAL IRON Grass Fed Beef Spleen 90 capsules

Ancestral Nutrition PRIMAL IRON Grass Fed Beef Spleen 90 capsules

Primal Iron offers nature's richest source of natural iron,  heme iron. A single serving of Primal Iron contains almost 100% of your RDI needs! 


Beef spleen has long been known as a natural food source of iron and now you can easily access this important organ in the convenience of gelatin capsules.


Why heme iron is so important...


Heme iron, primarily found in animal sources, is more easily absorbed by the body because it is chemically bound to hemoglobin. In contrast, non-heme iron, derived from plant-based sources and fortified foods, is less efficiently absorbed by the body.


Iron is an important mineral and is linked to:


·                Increased Energy

·                Normal Immune Function

·                Normal Blood Formation

·                Reduce tiredness and fatigue


Key Nutrients in Primal Iron Beef Spleen Capsules

·                Iron


Primal Iron Features:


·                100% Certified Grass-Fed & Grass-Finished

·                Australian Sourced Tasmanian Cattle

·                Pure Nose to Tail Nourishment

·                Freeze-Dried to Preserve Nutrients

·                100% Hormone, Antibiotic & GMO Free


Nutritional Information

Serving Size 1.8 g

Avg Qty Per Serve

Avg Qty Per 100g


32.9 kJ

1790 kJ


1.5 g

82.2 g


0.2 g

10.8 g

- Saturated

0.1 g

3.6 g


0 g

0 g

- Sugars

0 g

0 g


7 mg

369 mg



764 g

Ingredients per capsule: 81% Australian Beef Organs [spleen] (500mg), 19% Bovine Gelatine Capsule (120mg).


We are proud to offer premium quality, Tasmanian sourced beef organ capsules and powder at a price that you can afford. Our family run, in house manufacturing facility has been established to focus purely on beef organs, which allows us to pass on the savings to you as there are less costs involved without expensive third party processes.


How many capsules are there in a bottle of Primal Iron Beef Spleen by Ancestral Nutrition?

Each bottle contains 90 capsules


What is the best time of day to take Primal Iron by Ancestral Nutrition?

We recommend taking 3 capsules in the morning with/after your first meal of the day.


Is your beef spleen Australian?

Yes, Ancestral Nutrition sources and freeze dries our beef spleen in Tasmania, Australia.

Ancestral Nutrition

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