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Body Ecology

Body Ecology Assist Dairy & Protein Capsules Australia | Digestive Enzymes

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Body Ecology Assist Dairy & Protein capsules are available in Australia.  They support digestion of dairy foods, proteins nuts, seeds and legumes and can assist in the digestion of Lactose and Cassin.  Available today with Express Post same-day shipping provided by Australia Post.

Product Description

Body Ecology Assist Dairy & Protein provides effective digestion of lactose and casein HCL pepsin protease enzymes



    • Assist Dairy and Protein may help maximize the absorption of the protein you eat, minimize waste or toxicity*
    • This may support digestion of dairy*
    • You may find increased benefits of milk kefir without the side effects of the casein*
    • Our customers have noted and you may find that it aids in the digestion of proteins from animal foods, dairy foods, nuts, seeds, and legumes*
    • Enzymes

Suggested Usage

  • 2-3 capsules daily with meals.
  • You can even open a capsule and add it to cultured veggies.
  • Excellent feedback from customers that are eating a different diet than normal when they travel or visit others houses and share a meal or are dining out.

Product Facts

  • Form: Capsules
  • Serving Size: 2-3 capsules
  • Number of Servings: 45 or less

Dietary Restrictions that are suited to this product from Body Ecology

Assist Dairy and Protein from Body Ecology features

  • Non-GMO,
  • Dairy-Free,
  • Soy-Free,
  • Gluten-Free,
  • Vegan suitable,
  • Paleo friendly,
  • Nut-Free

Health Interests

Gut Support, Digestive Aid

Get the most from what you eat. Assist Dairy and Protein maximizes your absorption of the protein you eat, minimizing waste or toxicity.

Now you can enjoy dairy foods again! You can enjoy the benefits of milk kefir without the side effects of the casein.

A strong digestive fire can be a key to optimal wellness and ASSIST Dairy and Protein was designed to aid in the digestion of proteins from:

Animal Foods: This proprietary blend of Protease Enzymes plus significant amounts of HCl and Pepsin enhance digestion of meats, fish, poultry and eggs.

Dairy Foods: Fermenting milk into kefir and yogurt enhances digestion since the milk sugar, lactase is broken down and consumed by the beneficial microflora. Dairy proteins and fats are also pre-digested, yet many people still need additional support.

Nuts, Seeds and Legumes: These ideally should be soaked before eating to release their enzyme inhibitors.

Assist Dairy and Protein supports the digestion and absorption of the proteins contained in these nutritious foods and for all other vegetable-source protein-containing foods.

One month's supply, 90 vegetarian capsule

Customer Reviews

Trudy Franklin

Verified Buyer
Reviewed Assist Dairy & Protein
I rely on the body ecology products for easy digestion since the removal of my gall bladder and so helps w digestion especially if not eating as I should, thankyou

Dawn McCoy

Verified Buyer
Reviewed Assist Dairy & Protein
I take 2 at almost every meal. I don’t know what I did before I found these. I no longer have the pain, bloating and misery after eating that I always experienced before. Occasionally I will still have some issues, but nothing like before!!

Carol Martin

Verified Buyer
Reviewed Assist Dairy & Protein
have been taking them for yrs, am happy with them

Melody M.

Verified Buyer
Reviewed Assist Dairy & Protein
I can tell a real difference when I use Dairy Enzymes. Thanks so much!!!