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Green Pasture - liquid collection

Classic Cod Liver Oil just like you remember when you were a kid except this is the modern version that is a little less Cod Liver Tasting.  

Four Flavours: Unflavoured, Cinnamon Tingle, Oslo Orange, Spicy Orange.

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Green Pasture Blue Ice Fermented Cod Liver Oil - Unflavoured (Liquid)
Liquid fclo cinnamon 1of6 bottle thumb
Green Pasture Blue Ice Fermented Cod Liver Oil - Cinnamon Tingle (Liquid)
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Green Pasture Blue Ice Fermented Cod Liver Oil - Oslo Orange (Liquid)
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Green Pasture Blue Ice Fermented Skate Liver Oil - Spicy Orange (Liquid)


The best way to take this is to use the little injector that is included with every pack , and suck up the required amount that you have determined by:

  1. Insert the sucker in the bottle
  2. Turn the Cod Liver Oil bottle Upside down
  3. Ensure it is sealed and then suck the amount desired into the tube
  4. Turn Cod Liver Oil back the right way around
  5. Remove the tube from the bottle
  6. Then place the tube in your mouth aiming the liquid Cod Liver Oil at the back of your throat
  7. Push the injector down whilst in your mouth at the back of  your throat.
  8. Remove the dispenser from your mouth
  9. Go On eating
  10. If you do this in the middle of eating you will hardly notice the taste.  
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