Gastrointestinal distress? C-Section Baby?


  • Ideal if you suffer from bloating, gas, diarrhea, constipation, or stomach pain.*
  • Equip your immune system to fight infection and harmful, disease-causing bugs.
  • Naturally reduce cholesterol and improve blood sugar.
  • Help shed excess weight.*
  • Reinforce your gut barrier and help seal a leaky gut.*
  • Help fight systemic inflammation – such as psoriasis, chronic fatigue syndrome, or even tired lungs from cigarette smoking.

The importance of a healthy gut, and how gut health can affect all areas of your life, can't be overstated. Grasping this truth — that the gut is the source — can bring about an empowering and often radical change.

"You have control over what is happening in your gut. The microbiome is evolving every minute, and it's easily manipulated," says Donna Gates, gut health pioneer and creator of The Body Ecology Diet. "People have said for a long time that disease begins in the gut. Of course, health begins there as well. That's very important to understand because you can fix your gut, and when you do, then you can radiate health. This is always the first place to start: Fix your gut."


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