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New Discoveries in Fermented Cod Liver Oil – by Dr. Martin Grootveld

New Discoveries in Fermented Cod Liver Oil – by Dr. Martin Grootveld

Dr. Martin Grootveld has been able to confirm the presence of natural antioxidants in our fermented cod liver oil. These antioxidants are a direct result of the fermentation process, and their presence provide our cod liver oil with better protection against oxidation. 

His research shows just how the fermentation process delivers a superior product, confirming that the best way to extract cod liver oil is through fermentation!

Read his published papers for more details.

  Evaluations of the Peroxidative Susceptibilities of Cod Liver Oils by a 1H NMR Analysis Strategy: Peroxidative Resistivity of a Natural Collagenous and Biogenic Amine-Rich Fermented Product

 Determinations of the peroxidative susceptibilities of cod liver oils by a newly‑developed 1H NMR‑based method: resistance of an antioxidant‑fortified product isolated from pre‑fermented sources

 The above papers are scientific papers, and therefore can be quite challenging to read. Here is a summary that is clear and concise, written in plain English, highlighting the wonderful findings from Grootveld’s research: Fermentation: Enhancing favourable health properties of cod liver oils

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